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Portfolio Detail: The Leadership Institute


CLASS MATERIALS: Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future, 2000-2007. Annual training program, presented by the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy. "Deepen your understanding of the North Coast's key public policy issues and opportunities, develop your vision for a sustainable future, and meet other concerned leaders." More information about the program is at <>

ROLE: Designed the class notebook format in 2000; did the graphic design and production for each month's materials from 2000 through 2007.

Client Praise

"This was an awesome packet.

"I always appreciate the details you take care of and the extra flourishes you provide. As a result, I think our book is spectacular!"

Rick Theis, Founder and Board Chair, Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy


"Thank you for your work on the Leadership Training binder... The reading materials are both an essential part of the course, and our primary visual identity. Your additions of graphics were often amazingly well-suited to the text, and enlivened it for the reader. Your care, high esthetic standards, and attention to detail made all the materials clear, well-organized, easier to read and understand, and visually appealing.

"Beyond that, your professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence have insured that the class binder and its content is a showpiece, and something to be proud of. We continue to receive praise for the layout and appearance, and we use the binder as a presentation piece to promote the leadership course to the public.

"For working with difficult and varied source materials, often under short deadlines, and doing a consistently wonderful job, you have my and the Institute's appreciation and gratitude."

Daniel Solnit, Executive Director, Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy (April 2002)

More information about this project is available upon request.

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