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Patricia Dines

Freelance Writer, Editor, Public Speaker & Graphic Artist

Specializing in Environmental & Community Topics

Here are the links for Patricia's most recent articles and activities and recent talks and media appearances.

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Patricia's current book!

"The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess" is a story from Spirit, for people of all ages -- to soothe our sadness and nurture our divine blossoming. It's a high-quality full-color hardcover and illustrated with Patricia's beautiful intuitive artwork.

To learn more about the book, peruse sample pages, and buy a copy, click on Goddess Book.

Patricia's syndicated Ask EcoGirl column

EcoGirl's intelligent, accurate, inspiring, and empowering eco-advice column makes it easy for readers to "go green." Plus she has a fun superhero logo!

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* Click here for EcoGirl's main webpage, which has information about her offerings and activities, including past columns.

* Check out EcoGirl's "insanely useful" booklets, which answer common reader questions with the key information you need to move right into action. You don't have to start from scratch and figure it out yourself! The first two booklets are "Detoxing Your Life" and "Healthier Housecleaning." To learn more, see

The Next STEP newsletter

Patricia Dines is Editor and Lead Writer of The Next STEP newsletter, which offers readers empowering information on toxics and alternatives. It's your guide to less-toxic living -- benefiting both people and the planet! The newsletter is a City of Sebastopol project, operated by volunteers, and distributed in City water bills.

* Peruse my portfolio description & samples.

* Read the most recent issues at the recent STEP issues page.

* Email Patricia to receive the STEP newsletter by email every other month, or suggest future article topics. (In the subject line, put "STEP newsletter request".)

* Click here for an index of past issues -- by topic. It's an easy way to get excellent information on the real-life topics of your life!

Community Action Publications (CAP)

Patricia Dines is President of the community group Community Action Publications, which empowers constructive action on environmental, health, and community issues.

The CAP website ( has extensive reference information on eco-topics, plus information about how you can support this community project.

For more about Patricia's offerings for businesses and publications, see this Offerings webpage.

For more about Patricia's background and history, see this Biography webpage.


PD [at] (707) 829-2999
708 Gravenstein Hwy N, Suite 104 Sebastopol, CA 95472

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