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Patricia Dines

Freelance Writer, Editor, Public Speaker & Graphic Artist

Specializing in Environmental & Community Topics

Here are the links for Patricia's most recent articles and activities and recent talks and media appearances.


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This link automatically downloads a PDF summarizing my key writing projects, client appreciation, and sample clips. (Note that it doesn't include the newest Goddess book. See the above link for more on that project.)

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Educational Background

Previous Career: Computer Programmer, Author, Trainer, and Class/Workshop Designer


BOOKS (Author & Illustrator)

The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess, 2016. (Author & Illustrator. Full color with original artwork throughout. 64 pages.)

About the project: Subtitle, "A story from Spirit for people of all ages to soothe our sadness and nurture our divine blossoming." This enchanting and unexpected story is nurturing and empowering for people of all ages. It sweetly seduces us to peek below our cloaked sadness to discover our core divinity (yes, even you!), and invites us to that place where all hearts join together in the mystery.

My role: Author, artist, graphic artist, and marketer.

"The Goddess story is beyond-words fabulous. I was totally hooked. It feels intimate to the level of the soul. I want to read it again and again.

"And then to see how the story came through you, to emerge as a true divine experience, gave me goose bumps.

"This story is more than a story to entertain. It gives insight to the core of us as divine creatures. Thank you is an understatement.

"This book is truly a gift to the world."
Paula Pearce, Author & Illustrator, Saving Walter

• • •

"An instant classic."
Russ Kellner

Click here for more information on this project (including, coming soon, press reviews and sample pages).

The Organic Guide to Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties

The Organic Guide to San Francisco

The Organic Guide to Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties, 1998-2006. (Author and Illustrator. Five editions; Fifth Edition published in 2005, 192 pages.)

The Organic Guide to San Francisco, 2001-2004. (Author and Illustrator. Two editions, 2001 & 2002, 108 pages.)

About the project: Subtitled "Your Organic Adventure Guide and Empowerment Manual," these beautiful, well-organized, and unique resource books make it easy for locals and visitors to explore, enjoy, and support area organics. Because of extensive primary research, they include many unexpected categories and places not listed as organic in any other resource. Plus they offer empowering educational information, stories, and resources.

Recommended by: Bon Appetit, Delicious Living magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Area Backroads, Earth Island Journal, The North Bay Bohemian, The Press Democrat, Marin County's Pacific Sun -- and organic fans everywhere!

My role: Author, graphic artist, and marketer.

"[A] cornucopia of organic delights .... If a visit to northern California's wine country is in your travel plans, be sure to pick up a copy .... A wealth of healthful information you're not likely to find in Fodor's."
Delicious Living magazine

"I keep the Guide on top of my desk and keep browsing it while I'm on hold and on the phone. It really packs a lot of great info in a small space. Thanks for your hard work. Good job!"
Bu Nygrens, Veritable Vegetable (oldest organic distributor in the U.S.)

"I honestly believe that the Guide should be required reading for any institution of higher learning teaching classes on agricultural sustainability and food systems. Check it out for yourself."
James Johnson, The Quantum Agriculture Project

"An indispensable reference."
Herb Hiller, St. Petersburg Times

Click here for more information on this project (including press reviews and sample pages).

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COLUMNS (Author)

ECO-ADVICE COLUMN: Ask EcoGirl, 2007-present.

About the project: Ask EcoGirl is a syndicated eco-advice column -- with a superhero spin! With compassion and intelligence, EcoGirl makes it easy for readers to bring greener practices into their everyday lives. In response to reader questions, this eco-geek superhero unravels and illuminates topics with clear, accurate, and engaging summaries that gently reveal the vital issues at stake. She then offers practical and tangible steps that readers can take right away, thus empowering everyone to make a positive difference in their own lives and the community. Because she knows that we are all part of the solution!

My role: Creator and author.

"Thank you so much for your contributions to our newspaper. People are clearly reading your column and you're such a delight to work with.You meet deadlines and your work is well-done and thoughtful.I like your writing style, thorough and upbeat, and encouraging people to actually do things. I love what you're doing!"
Vesta Copestakes, Editor, West County Gazette

"Your Ask EcoGirl columns are fun and informative, and I really LOVE the resources you list at the bottom. Having this makes 'doing' feel like it can be a reality not just a nice idea."
Jill Engvaldsen, Reader

"Dear Patricia -- I just read your article, 'Taming our Tiny Ant Friends.' I think it's just great that you write these articles, and always with such conscious respect for the earth, and in this case, all those amazing little ants."
Patrice Ryan, Reader

"Solar financing is a complex topic and you nailed it."
Chris Cone, Writer, Coordinator Green Energy Loan Program

Click here for more information on this project (including past columns)


THE GREEN ZONE COLUMN, North Bay Bohemian, 2008.

About the project: These are the columns I wrote for The North Bay Bohemian's Green Zone, offering insights on current green topics and information on the region's local green folks.

My role: Writer.

"Thanks so much for this ["Waste Not, Want Not" column]. I made a copy and will use it as a reference throughout the year! Thank you for all your good work!"
Susana Crofton

"I absolutely loved reading this ["Divine Intervention"] article! It's so refreshing to hear what's hopeful in today's dreary eco/econimic situation. What an incredible topic to cover. The title "Divine Intervention" captured my attention and then kept me reading... I hope to hear about the many thousands of green activists reclaiming their country and lives. May the hopes of these individuals be realized!"
Rachel Balunsat, Wedding Photojournalist & Portrait Artist

Click here for my GZ columns

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EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS & EVENTS (Author, Graphic Artist, Editor, and/or Event Designer)

NEWSLETTER: The Next STEP, Jan. 2001-present.

About the project: This bi-monthly newsletter of the City of Sebastopol, delivered in City water bills, educates people about toxics and alternatives, in a friendly, helpful, and fact-based manner. Readers consistently communicate to us that they value this newsletter, with many giving specific examples of changes they've made in their lives as a result of the information from the newsletter. Also available online.

My role: Editor, Lead Writer, & Graphic Artist since the premiere issue.

"I am writing to express my deep appreciation for Patricia Dines' outstanding and unique work in writing, editing, and providing the graphics for the widely successful [STEP] newsletter.... The community response has been overwhelmingly positive and I believe the use of toxics in Sebastopol has declined significantly as a result of it.

"Patricia has provided valuable contributions of her talent to Sebastopol and Sonoma County. I unhesitatingly recommend her to any company or agency that is looking for a highly creative individual that can deliver the desired product for customers or audiences of any community."
Dave Brennan, Sebastopol City Manager

"I love the newsletter! It's given me so many ideas and is so friendly not preachy."
A Sebastopol Reader (in our annual survey)

"Patricia -- You are doing a wonderful job with the [STEP] newsletter. I can't even begin to tell you how many things I have learned and use in my daily life. I take your newsletters to work and hang them up in the workroom to share with people. Keep up your hard work. Sebastopol is a better place to live thanks to people like you. Best wishes for a beautiful New Year."
Chris Nelson, Sebastopol Realtor

"The Next STEP is wonderful! Both graphics and text are very well done, and the message, of course, is much needed.... You have really accomplished something.... Carry on your good work!"
Lynn Lawson, Author Staying Well in a Toxic World

You can see our 2013 reader survey and a brief history of the project at

Click here for more information on this project (including sample pages)

NEWSLETTERS: For Sonoma Compost Company, 2009-2010

About the project: Quarterly newsletters to educate customers and promote company.

My role: I wrote, edited, designed, and produced SCC's Oct. 2009 and March 2010 newsletters. My work included editing SCC's draft articles for clarity and impact, researching and writing additional articles, integrating client graphics, obtaining appropriate added images, implementing attractive graphic design, updating for client edits, and managing the newsletter printing and mailing process.

Click on these links to see the complete newsletters in PDF format:

- Oct. 2009, 6 pages including 2 page survey

- March 2010, 4 pages

For more about this and other projects I've done for SCC, see

Leadership Training Binder Cover

CLASS MATERIALS: Leadership Training for a Sustainable Future, 2000-2007.

About the project: These educational notebooks were given to students as part of the Leadership Training class presented by the Leadership Institute for Ecology & the Economy.

My role: As the graphic artist, I designed the class materials notebook from scratch at the start of the class and organization in 2000, and did the materials graphic design and production for each monthly class through May 2007.

"This was an awesome packet. I always appreciate the details you take care of and the extra flourishes you provide. As a result, I think our book is spectacular!"
Rick Theis, Founder and Board Chair, Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy

"Thank you for your work on the Leadership Training binder... Your professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence have ensured that the class binder and its content is a showpiece, and something to be proud of. We continue to receive praise for the layout and appearance, and we use the binder as a presentation piece to promote the leadership course to the public.

"For working with difficult and varied source materials, often under short deadlines, and doing a consistently wonderful job, you have my and the Institute's appreciation and gratitude."

Daniel Solnit, Executive Director, April 2002

Click here for more information on this project

Better Not Bigger Conference, sample page

CONFERENCE: "Better Not Bigger: Grappling with Growth in Sonoma County" July 23, 1999. Project of Sustainable Sonoma County.

My role: Event Co-Creator & Conferenc Book Graphic Artist. I co-created the conference as part of the Steering Committee; designed the event schedule and flow; and created the conference information book.

Attendee comments
"The conference was seamlessly run, high energy, great fun, ignited hopes, and nurtured visions. I'm leaving with some specific ideas and contacts and new interest in government involvement."

"The resources book is fantastic. It helped my listening because most of my notes were already taken! I look forward to reading it and to making contact with the panelists."

"I left feeling empowered and positive, rare for this topic."

"I liked the entire program from beginning to end. I've done workshops and conferences all my working life -- this was the best."

Click here for more information on this project (including sample pages)

REPORT: "Charting a Path for a New Energy Future for Sebastopol," April 3, 2007.

About the project: This report of the City of Sebastopol Citizens Advisory Group on Energy Vulnerability (CAGE) explored how City services could be sustained in the face of upcoming peak oil (energy supply) issues, and how the City can make preparations for those changes in advance.

My role: Executive Editor & Report Coordinator. Gave a presentation of the report to the City Council.

City Council Response
"I encourage the Council and members of the public to read this document very carefully, because I think it has some very important information for us and some very valuable recommendations.... I think it's a very important step that we've taken and I really appreciate the work of the committee over this time."
City Councilmember Larry Robinson

"This is an incredible document. I really appreciate you for all doing the hard work to make this happen, to bring this forward."
Councilmember Craig Litwin

"An excellent read, fascinating."
Mayor Sam Pierce

"You have provided us with a most valuable document.... There is [also] a value to this report beyond the City's use. [It] provides to each of us a lot of information as to what we might do do individually, and that really is how we're going to change the world."
Councilmember Sarah Gurney

"I want to thank the [Advisory Group] and the wealth of editorial and writing skills of Patricia Dines. We were very lucky to have you, to be able to put this through, in this format and this detail."
Councilmember Linda Kelley

Click here for more information on this project (including to dowload the report)

Note: Ms. Dines has created educational materials, newsletters, and events for a variety of other corporate and non-profit clients.

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* Author of dozens of articles educating people and empowering constructive individual and community action. Articles published in other periodicals include:

* "Understanding Concerns About Community Water Fluoridation" (Pacific Health Magazine, May 2013). Written for a medical/scientific audience, and appropriate for mainstream readers, this article offers key facts and a website version with citations for each key point.

* "Investigating The Next STEP Mystery" (Sonoma County Gazette, May 2013). A light-hearted article, told like an investigative mystery story, and describing the innovative Next STEP newsletter/community project.

* "Green Getaways" (NorthBay biz magazine, July 2011). How North Bay businesses and visitors are finding fun and opportunity in local eco-tourism.

* "Healing Our Culture's Abuse of the Earth" (Sonoma County Peace Press, April/May 2011 and June/July 2011). In this article, I explore a topic I've been thinking about for a while: how the psychology of abuse is expressed not just in our culture's families but also in our businesses, politics -- and how we treat the beautiful sacred earth. Thus, I feel that that the abuse model can be a powerful toolto help us steer our culture away from eco-disaster and towards eco-survival and happiness. TRead the article to find out more!

* "Profitable Green"(NorthBay biz magazine, February 2011). "Is it still possible for businesses to be both profitable and green? Regular biz contributor Patricia Dines talks with local business leaders to find out how green is weathering today's economic storms."

* "Navigating Nonprofit Technology" (NorthBay biz magazine, January 2011). "With budgets and workloads already stretched thin, keeping up with technological innovations can seem like just another task added to the overflowing plates of local nonprofits. But NorthBay biz has found good news about how nonprofits can unlock technology's potential to help them be more effective in their missions."

Reader feedback
"Great Article!
Hi Patricia, I really enjoyed the North Bay Biz article -- great job on covering all that territory. I think it will really help out a lot of nonprofit folks. I wanted to share with you that around the time we were exchanging emails about this article, I was going through some paperwork and ran across a stack of clippings that I had put aside, some dating back years (!) and they were "EcoGirl" columns -- I saw your name and thought, "Hey, that girl leads a double life!!". Very cool. Keep up the good work. :-)
Ruth Persselin, Programs and Outreach Director, Petaluma Bounty

* "True Green: Moving beyond greenwashing to authentic eco-success" (NorthBay biz magazine, Aug. 2010). In this cover story, "EcoGirl Patricia Dines helps NorthBay biz readers see beyond enticing green façades to uncover the products and approaches that support true environmental change." This article offers useful information that cheerfully nurtures meaningful and effective eco-action by both individuals and businesses!

* "A Deeper Shade of Green" (NorthBay biz magazine, Green Scene, March 2010). This column gives you a look into Petaluma's Sonoma Compost Company (SCC) and it's organic community composting operation. For 25 years, SCC has been diverting yard and ag waste from the landfill and turning it into useful organic composts and mulches. Yes, this is where your green can waste goes!

* "Sonoma Compost: Celebrating 25 Years" (Sonoma-Marin Farm News, Feb. 2010). This article gives you a peek behind the scenes at the wonderful Sonoma Compost Company, which for 25 years has been diverting yard and ag waste from the landfill and turning it into useful organic composts and mulches that nurture local farms and gardens.

Editor feedback
"Dear Patricia -- Thanks for the story on Sonoma Compost. It's a great read that our readers will find both interesting and educational. We are happy to have the work of a pro and welcome further stories by you on topics related to the agricultural industry in Sonoma and Marin Counties."
Tim Tesconi, Editor Sonoma-Marin Farm News, Previously Ag Staff Writer for the Press Democrat (33 years)

* "Green Pinstripes: Bringing sustainability to the executive suite" (NorthBay biz magazine, Feb. 2010, Green Issue). This feature story explores the work of three local pioneering "sustainability officers" -- to find out what such a job entails and how they're helping North Bay companies reduce costs and save the environment.

* "Seeking Fulfillment" (NorthBay biz magazine, Oct. 2009, Special Wine Issue). This feature story describes how New Vine's collapse last May revealed the booming new market for third-party wine shippers, which are creatively helping wineries make money even in these hard times.

* "Financing a Greener World" (NorthBay biz magazine, August 2009). This feature story was one of the first to explore Sonoma County's innovate SCEIP program, which offers government financing for increased efficiency and solar energy on local homes and businesses. Click here to view the article on my webpage, with the option to download it in the original layout, in PDF format.

* "Uprooting the Environmental Causes of Poverty & War" (Sonoma County Peace Press, April 2009). Explores as an example the story of the Nigerian people. Click here to view the article, as well as bonus links for more information on the topics discussed!

* "Greening Your Home -- With No Money Down" (West County Gazette, April 2009). Click here to view the article in a webpage, with the option to download it in the original layout, in PDF format.

* "Delighting in Our Delicious Local Farms" (PDF) (West County Gazette, May 2008)

* "Laguna Farms: Sowing Seeds of Sustainability" (Common Ground magazine)

* "Nurturing the Bounty of Local Organics" (Steppin' Out magazine)

* "Should Sonoma County Be GE-Free?" (West County Gazette)

* "Reasons for Hope" (Sonoma County Environmental Impact Reporter, My Column EarthWalk.)

* "Effective Political Action: Recovering Democracy's True Gift" (Sonoma County Peace Press)

* "The Roots of War; the Roots of Peace: Calling All Planetary Healers" (Sonoma County Peace Press)

* "Vision & Action Healing the World" (Sonoma County Environmental Impact Reporter)

Click here for a full list of published articles, with links to article text

* Creator and author of the Ask EcoGirl column. In this syndicated eco-advice column with a superhero spin, EcoGirl answers readers' questions about the practicalities of going green! Click here for more information and to view past columns.

* Contributor to the Green Zone column. Click here to view the columns I wrote for the Bohemian's Green Zone.

* Author of numerous additional articles for The Organic Guides and The Next STEP newsletter; both projects are described above. For example:

- "Feeding the Bees" (The Next STEP newsletter)

- "China's Toxic Shadow" (The Next STEP newsletter)

- "Mendocino County: Making a Difference with GMO-Free Zones" (The Organic Guide to Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties)

- "Reweaving Community; Rejoining the Cycle of Life" (The Organic Guide to Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties)

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* Public Speaker, Trainer, & Workshop/Event Creator for events that have informed and empowered thousands of people. Includes talks and events for and with: the Health & Harmony Festival; the Peace & Justice Center; Alliance for Democracy; North Bay EcoFest; Cancer Resource Center; Petaluma Grange; and Community Market.

* Informative guest on TV and radio shows, inspiring and educating viewers and listeners, and empowering them to cheerfully take constructive action for the earth and their communities.

Recent media appearances and talks

May 23, 2010 -- Patricia was a guest on "Beyond the Headlines" (the ABC Emmy-award winning public affairs TV show taped in San Francisco). Hosted by ABC-7's Cheryl Jennings, the topic was "Carbon Footprint" and examined "how climate change is shaped by the size of our carbon footprint." Patricia offered specific eco-tips and talked about her work. Other guests included Jared Blumenfeld, Region 9 Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency and Erin Rogers, Western Region Manager of Climate and Energy Program for the Union of Concerned Scientists. To view the show, click here.

April 24, 2010 -- Patricia gave a talk on less-toxic gardening at the Sustainable Food & Gardening Festival at Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa.

August 19, 2009 -- Patricia was a guest on "The View from the Bay" (the ABC-TV talk show taped in San Francisco) offering eco-tips and talking about her work. For more information, click here.

August 2009 -- Patricia was interviewed for For more information, click here.

March 28, 2009 -- Patricia presented a talk, "Detoxing Your Life" at Guerneville's Sustainability Conference. For more information, click here.

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POETRY (Author)

* PUBLISHED: "Listen Deeply," We'Moon, 2009, p. 60. (Annual Goddess-inspired publication, honoring women as being "of the moon.") Note: This piece was also published in their 2011 35 year anniversary anthology!

* PUBLISHED: "Untangling," West County Reader (a special section of the West County Gazette), Aug. 16, 2007, p. 20.

* CONTEST WINNER & READING: "The Fence." Poem was a winner in the "Accidentally, On Purpose" Contest, Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Public Reading June 25, 2004.

* CONTEST WINNER & READING: "Realm of Whispers." Poem was a winner in the "Psssst..." Contest, Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Public Reading March 29, 2002.

* PUBLISHED: "She Had a Desert Temperament," We'Moon, 2000, p. 127. (Annual Goddess-inspired publication, honoring women as being "of the moon.")

* PUBLISHED: "It Doesn't Seem to Matter Much," Grace Millenium, Spring 2000, p. 42. (Color glossy magazine presenting "the art, writings, and shared experiences of women [to] reveal the transformational power of grace in these challenging times.")

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* Freelance Graphic Artist & Editor. Produced reports and presentations for major corporations, including Price Waterhouse and Peak Marwick. Editted and produced newsletters for a variety organizations, including The Organic Organizer.

* Program Co-ordinator, Sierra Club Toxics Committee, 1994-1997. Helped lead this Committee in educating the community about toxics and alternatives, through speaker series, talks, community actions, and other activities. Co-created and presented two public speaker series. Worked with Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department to reduce their pesticide use. (We worked cooperatively with them so that, after initial resistance, they saw the opportunity and ended up thanking us publicly for bringing them this chance to take better care of the community with their work.)

* Community Catalyst -- Since 1992, have empowered constructive community action by: keeping informed on vital community issues; participating in constructive community activities; supporting and encouraging connections between allies; and providing ongoing information and updates on key issues through articles, talks, email lists, and personal conversations.

* Photographer: Photographs displayed in shows -

* "Island at Howarth Park" at Natives by Locals: Photographs of Flora and Fauna, Finley Center, July 19 -- Sept. 17, 1999, Santa Rosa, California.

* "Magic Forest" at the 2003 Photographers Darkroom Photo Show, North Bay Photo, July 26 -- Aug. 10, 2003, Santa Rosa, California.

* Recognition -- On Nov. 20, 2001, the Sebastopol City Council presented a proclamation recognizing Patricia Dines for "outstanding service in the community as an advocate and proactive role model for a culture without toxics." Included appreciation for work with The Next STEP and The Organic Guides. <cityrecogn.html>

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* Duke University, Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, with a Full Major in Theatre Arts. Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Received the Angier Biddle Duke Scholar, an honorary scholarship for students perceived as likely leaders in their chosen field. Scholarship included tuition plus a term studying British History at Oxford University, England.

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PREVIOUS CAREER: Computer Programmer, Author, Trainer, and Class/Workshop Designer

* Chief Programmer for a Silicon Valley tutorial software company.

* Author, Computer Articles. Published eleven articles that support computer users in effectively using their tools to achieve their goals. Included one of the first national articles on LaserWriter service bureaus (when they were a new emerging trend), which was published in the color newstand glossy "A+" magazine (for Apple/Macintosh users).

* Author, Editor, & Graphic Artist. Wrote and graphically designed computer manuals that made it easy for users to understand their tools and produce their desired results. Assistant Editor of The LisaTalk Report, a 72-page quarterly journal (11/85-1/87).

* Computer Trainer & Training Designer. Created educational experiences that empowered students in understanding their tools and using them effectively to produce their desired results. Designed classes, taught them, then documented and trained others to teach them. Offered one-on-one consulting and training.

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PD [at] • (707) 829-2999
708 Gravenstein Hwy N, Suite 104 • Sebastopol, CA 95472

Photograph by Patricia Dines
(c) Patricia Dines, 2003. All rights reserved.

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