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Portfolio Detail: Better Not Bigger Conference

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CONFERENCE: "Better Not Bigger: Grappling with Growth in Sonoma County," July 23, 1999. Presented by Sustainable Sonoma County, this event featured Eben Fodor, author of the innovative book Better Not Bigger, as well as key local and regional leaders offering different perspectives on the topic. Our shared goal was to transform how people in this county think and talk about urban growth. The event and Conference Book succeeded in bringing new and vital information and perspectives to key players both in government and the community.

ROLE: Co-created the event with the Conference Steering Committee. Designed event schedule and flow. Designed, gathered information for, and created the 48-page Conference Book, which included key articles and resources about urban growth and related issues, for attendees to use at the event and beyond.

SAMPLE PAGES: Click on images to download PDF files with sample pages. Note that images are optimized for a Postscript printer (LaserWriter, etc.) and can look choppy on-screen in reduced view.

14/Sonoma County Growth Charts, page 1

15/Sonoma County Growth Charts, page 2

22/Value of a Clear Vision

48/Notes Page

Attendee Praise for the Conference and Conference Book

"An excellent conference -- well-organized, great content, good pacing with different things happening. You all did a very good job, and a service to the whole community."

"The conference was seamlessly run, high energy, great fun, ignited hopes, and nurtured visions. I'm leaving with some specific ideas and contacts and new interest in government involvement."

"I liked the entire program from beginning to end. I've done workshops and conferences all my working life -- this was the best."

"I left feeling empowered and positive, rare for this topic."

"The resource book will be invaluable. I already have several ideas and plans through the resources it provided."

"The resources book is fantastic. It helped my listening because most of my notes were already taken! I look forward to reading it and to making contact with the panelists."

"Inspired me to get involved with local groups, to help effect changes in Sonoma County's growth problems."

"It was really a wonderfully-coordinated and highly-informative opportunity. Thank you!"

More information about this project is available upon request.

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